Can Stomach Bacteria Affect How We Store Fat?

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There is growing evidence that circadian tempos regulate the gut resistant response. The effect of immune cells on the biological clock could provide insights into the possible bidirectional relationship between sleep and the gut. For instance , data from animal studies suggests that circadian misalignment can result in an unbalanced gut microbiota. But this effect can be moderated by diet.
Professor Tim Spector, Head of the Department of Twin Research and Genetic Epidemiology at King's, said: ‘Our findings display that specific groups of microbes living in the guts could be protecting against obesity - and that their abundance is usually influenced by our genetics. The human microbiome signifies an exciting new focus on for dietary changes and treatments aimed at dealing with obesity.guttate psoriasis
Invest in a Quality Probiotic. Among the best ways to avoid stomach problems on a break is to invest in a quality probiotic. Probiotics are the live, active people found in kombucha that help regulate your gastrointestinal system and keep your immune system system strong. A good probiotic contains at least 10 billion colony developing units and includes a good delivery system that survives your stomach acid. The more good bugs” you have got in your system, the better equipped your immune system is to safeguard you while you're on the road.